What they need
Let your furbaby tell you what they need. Lucy has decided she wants a matching leash and collar :)


Something good
Even the youngest furbabies want something good. Zeke is modeling his bow tie, even though it's still a bit big for him!


The look
We all know the "look" our furbaby gives us, so why not match their personality with a custom collar? Roxy is showing her "regal" look.


​Fun stuff
Some furbabies just want to have fun! Exciting new accessories are sure to please all furbabies (and fur moms and dads). Lucy is pretty in pink with her collar flower and breast cancer Martingale.




Kylo has an in between size neck, which I call a"tween".  If you have a pup with an odd size neck or have a large pup, just let me know and I can make just about any size collar!




Let your pup talk to you through their eyes with their expressions, just like Winston!

Adopt Don't Shop!

With so many local rescues and adoptable dogs out there, a little legwork is so worth the gem you will find! Mia came from The Silver Linings for Pitbulls Rescue!


Upcoming Events

April 3-5 Springtime in the Country - Rochester Dome

May 23 Clarence Bark in the Park

June 6/7 Fairport Canal Days Rochester NY

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NOTE:  It is the customer’s responsibility to check their dog’s collar often for signs of wear or loosening. As with all collars, those that are worn or torn should be replaced immediately to ensure the safety of your dog. Doggie Stylz is not responsible for any injury or loss caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of our product. Please be responsible with all pet accessories and collars.

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