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About Us

How Doggie Stylz Was Born


When I rescued my puppy, I couldn't find a collar that I liked and that showed her personality. After dragging my daughter all over the place, she looked at me and said, mom you sew...why don't you just make her one! I love to sew. My oldest daughter was a competitive figure skater, so I made all her competition dresses, again, because we couldn't find anything we liked or that fit her personality or music. The same with my youngest, who was a competitive dancer. So here I am, making custom dog collars and leashes. And now, doggie bow ties and neck ties and collar flowers. And we've recently added doggie sweaters and bandanas to our collection!

If you have something specific in mind, like I did, just ask and I will do my best to make it for you, whether it be a collar, leash, hair bow or who knows what!



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